Cybersecurity Consulting

ROUNDBOX emphasizes education and awareness in security matters. This education is crucial to strengthen the first line of defense of any organization: its people.

Cyberattacks are inevitable. Damage is not.

Cybersecurity Consulting includes training programs for employees on the latest threats and tactics to avoid phishing attacks and other forms of social engineering and advanced persistent threats.

Network Best Practices

Enhance your organization’s cybersecurity posture with our Network Best Practices service. Our expert team offers tailored solutions to optimize network infrastructure, strengthen defenses, and mitigate vulnerabilities.

Cloud Security Best Practices

From secure configuration and access controls to continuous monitoring and compliance enforcement, our solutions help organizations harness the benefits of cloud computing while minimizing risks and maintaining data integrity.

Application Security Best Practices

From code reviews and vulnerability assessments to secure coding practices and security training, we help organizations build and maintain secure, resilient applications in today’s dynamic threat landscape.