Managed Detection & Response (MDR) with Defensor360

Defensor360 is a revolutionary integration of blockchain and A.I. technologies to prevent and resolve even the most sophisticated A.I. driven zero-day threats.  Built on its own layer-1 proof-of-work blockchain, Defensor360 aggregates all logs and incidents in realtime and at scale confirming that the received events are in fact unaltered and authentic.  Advanced A.I. capabilities, in turn, work with our humanoid analyst team to assess and resolve all incidents of compromise.  This system functions as a SOC-out-of-the-BOX for fast and efficient on premises deployment at our customers’ sites with immediate integration to our global MDR service teams for 24/7 coverage and response.  


Our ROUNDBOX SOC was built to scale with simplicity. Our aim is to give small and mid-sized businesses the defense capabilities of the most protected enterprises without the need to become a security technology company themselves.  We scale their defenses at a fraction of the cost with equal or greater quality of service.   Integration of the Defensor360 MDR appliance extends the envelope of blockchain A.I. to the entire organization through our robotic process automation (RPA), giving our teams immediate visibility and real-time response while giving you peace of mind, simple and at scale.    

Our Defensor360 Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services defend against a wide array of cybersecurity threats vectors, including:

Ataques de Ransomware

Our A.I. systems are the first line of defense at every digital point of entry into the enterprise.  Proactively detecting malicious and phishing content in emails, documents, and even in application logic we cut off the attack before it ever happens while minimizing false positives through A.I. self-learning & diagnostics

Amenazas Persistentes Avanzadas (APT)

Defensor360 A.I. analyzes terabytes of data in real-time detecting anomalies & discrepancies against human and  highly sophisticated A.I.-based attacks that evade traditional security measures, utilizing advanced threat hunting techniques that neutralize threats before they escalate.

Campañas de Phishing

Via continuous email, website & application monitoring Defensor360 A.I. can detect and block spoofing & suspicious phishing attempts, preventing unauthorized access to your systems and sensitive data.