Red Team Services

Through simulated cyber attacks and comprehensive assessments, we gain invaluable insights into our security defenses’ strengths and weaknesses. 

ROUNDBOX Team specializes in finding your solution’s flaws—before attackers do.

By identifying vulnerabilities and gaps in our infrastructure, applications, and processes, we can proactively address them to mitigate potential risks and strengthen our overall cybersecurity posture. Additionally, Red Team exercises provide hands-on experience for our security teams, enhancing their skills and readiness to respond effectively to real-world threats. 

Vulnerability Analysis

We conduct thorough Vulnerability Analysis to identify potential weaknesses in your systems and infrastructure. Our team utilizes advanced scanning tools and methodologies to assess vulnerabilities across your network, endpoints, and applications. We uncover potential entry points for attackers and provide actionable insights to remediate vulnerabilities, ensuring the resilience of your cybersecurity defenses.


Our skilled professionals leverage industry-leading methodologies to uncover vulnerabilities and exploit them in a controlled environment. Through meticulous testing and analysis, we provide detailed reports outlining areas for improvement and recommendations to strengthen your security posture against emerging threats.

Mobile & Web Application Analysis

We conduct thorough assessments of your applications to uncover potential vulnerabilities and security flaws. Our expert analysts utilize cutting-edge techniques to identify weaknesses in code, configuration, and architecture, helping you mitigate risks and protect sensitive data from unauthorized access.

Digital Forensics & Investigation

We leverage forensic techniques and tools to collect and analyze digital evidence related to the incident. Our team conducts thorough investigations to determine the extent of the compromise, identify the responsible parties, and provide actionable recommendations to prevent future incidents.

Red Team as a Service

Our experienced red team professionals emulate real-world adversaries to uncover blind spots and weaknesses in your organization’s security posture. By partnering with us for Red Team as a Service, you gain valuable insights into your organization’s resilience to advanced threats and receive actionable recommendations to enhance your overall cybersecurity strategy.