Announcing The Defensor360 Cybersecurity Platform

Where Blockchain & AI Converge


ROUNDBOX was founded on the principals of no boundaries; no borders!  No beginnings, no end, but a constant evolution for what is good and for what is right in the world.   

 Witnessing the rise of crime and injury though the use of technology from the shadows, we developed a product family of cyber defense platforms at the forefront of artificial intelligence on the blockchain. 

The Defensor360 product brings a hybrid Security Operation Center solution to customers with critical infrastructure in core banking platforms, multi-ISP, hybrid cloud, on-premises data centers, and public 24/7 cloud computing workloads.  

Our SOC-out-of-the-BOX capabilities with our 24/7 AI-enhanced NOC & SOC team of engineers helps prevent, detect, and resolve ZERO-day threats and Incidents of Compromise, protecting our customers’ most critical assets while our technical consultants work with your security resources to evolve and enable your overall defense architecture against the ever evolving threats of today’s digital world.


The Defensor360 SOC-out-of-the-BOX
Solution Suite


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